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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Justice is out of reach for the majority of people struggling to survive poverty. The alliance for equal justice is working to change that reality.

The Alliance for Equal Justice is Washington's network of organizations providing civil legal aid to those with nowhere else to turn. Formed to coordinate and foster collaboration to expand access to justice, the Alliance unites organizations providing and supporting critical legal services to those in need.
Legal aid reduces homelessness, domestic violence, and economic insecurity. And by helping thousands of households sustain steady employment, housing, and benefits, legal aid stabilizes and stimulates our state's economy.

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Young mother gets legal help to get back on the path to self-sufficiency

A Lewis County mother of two young children was forced to apply for welfare when the father left during her last trimester of a complicated pregnancy. DSHS insisted that the mother start working three months after the baby was born, but the mother had problems complying because the infant suffered from...  [Read More]